Hope in NYC April 19 2020

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during the pandemic surrounding COVID-19. Please practice social distancing in order to stop the spread.

Thank you for your continued support of Uptown Lux both on the online commerce site, Facebook page, Facebook group, and Instagram pages. Please continue to support small businesses when you can as we are all in this together.

Photo above posted on social media with the caption:

”The hands of a creator with hope in NYC, Queens in the epicenter of COVID-19. #Hope for all of NYC and around the world.  Hand designed and crafted in Astoria, Queens NYC”

Happy New Year! January 09 2018

Happy New Year from Uptown Lux! Hope that you and your families are having a prosperous, healthy, and happy start to the new year! Wanted to thank everyone for their support in 2017.  Without your support of small business, there would not be an Uptown Lux!

Wanted to also share some of our newest collections and some pieces that we hold dear to our hearts.


Our first collection is Quartz.  Our quartz pieces are made of genuine quartz in a variety of colors adorned with rhinestones, rocks, wire, and different fabrications, colors, and patterns.  Check out a few our our newest quartz pieces below that are now available on the site.




Our next collection that we are very excited about is our Inspired collection.  This collection debuted last month at the Astoria Holiday Market.  The collection consists of stamped metal pieces in gold and silver colors with multi colored findings and inspiring sayings.  As the collection continues to evolve, look to pieces with a variety of mixed metals and materials.  Enjoy some of the newest pieces below currently available on our site! 



Happy shopping and looking forward to serving you and your continued support this year.

-Xo Amanda

Astoria Holiday Market Winter 2017 Debuting Inspired Pieces December 10 2017

Hello all! So excited to debut some of our newest handmade creations out of mixed metals! Have you checked them out yet???




Looking for the perfect gift for the holidays??? Come and visit Uptown Lux at our booth at Astoria Holiday Market this coming Sunday December 17th in the Main Hall at the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden!




Here's a peek of what you can expect at the market!!! Taken from a previous Astoria Market ;)  Look forward to seening you there!!! Xo Amanda


Winter 2017/2018 Preview November 14 2017

Hello Fashionistas! Hope you are staying warm out there if you are in the NYC area! If you are in LA sooo jelly! Just left there last week and came back with plenty of new inspiration.



Along with a new do done by my lil sister @jacquiefetchhair on IG!!!


Wanted to share some of my ideas for my Fall 2017/2018 new pieces to come! Have been dabbling into some new material.  As you already know I LOOOOOVE art and love bright colors along with mixing fabrics and textures throughout my hand crafted pieces.  


Came across some very cool textured fabrics in some of the hidden treasure fabric stores in the Garment District in NYC. Also found some fab colored and textured beads!



I have been seeing quartz EVERYWHERE!!! Rocks, rocks, and more rocks, the "druzier" lolol the better.



Started out by making the Moondust choker that's currently up now on the site!



I don't want to give away all of what's in store for the upcoming Winter season . . .BUT I will give a sneak peek on another accessory idea I've been dabbling with . . .





Found a really cool pair at a local shop and added some black and white accents! Stay warm this winter season and stay tuned for more one of a kind pieces to come!!! 

Xo Amanda


Summer Brights! May 28 2016

One of my inspirations for my newest collection Summer Brights is definitely Coney Island and the energy it brings when visiting on a hot summer day, grabbing a hot dog from Nathan's and enjoying the cool breeze off the ocean.  

Cooling off in the museum seeing some gorgeous sights, this one is from the Rubin Museum in NYC when I visited a few weeks back . . .

Nature and beautiful colorful flowers that have sprung this Spring. . .

Wares from artisan markets scattered throughout the city . . .

As well as summer fashions from the many shops are also an inspiration.

After seeing these many colorful sights around the city how can one not possibly be inspired to create? So I went to work . . .

Created a few pieces to start and am currently busy designing and creating more pieces for this Summer! Starting with stretch bright blinging bracelets! Some as stacked sets, others sold separately to make a statement on their own or mix and match with others on the site!


Don't forget about the brights already on the site . . .Statement Earrings!!!


Wearable art, hand designed and crafted bracelets with inspiring sayings to make your day a little brighter!!!



Experimenting with handmade tassels and mixed fabric and beads. . .


One of my favorite creations . . .

Thank you for taking the time to see what has inspired me this summer and what my Summer Brights collection holds.  Check back to see other pieces that will be added! Check me out on Coney Island rocking the necklace pictured above. Hope you have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

Happy New Year 2016! Uptown Lux Jewel Style January 03 2016

So fashionistas have you heard? You know, about the latest Uptown Lux collection? What collection you ask? Lux Jewels of course! 


Lux Jewels is our newest collection to roll out Winter 2015/Spring 2016 featuring some fab new wearable art designed and created by Amanda Fetch.  The collection continues with the theme of mixed metals, color chains mixed with jewels, along with cool unique metallic and soft thread fabrics.



Take a sneak peak at some of the pieces we have been experimenting with . . . 


Glad you stopped by to see some of our pieces that will be coming soon! Wishing you a Happy and prosperous New Year in 2016! And remember to stay tuned for our Lux Jewels collection ;)



Mixed Metals Fall 2015 September 28 2015

So as I was walking through the concrete jungle I call home in NYC I saw plenty of steel beams, construction scaffolding, brass, along with random regal golden accents . . .I thought to myself why not take the city to my newest collection? That's when I decided to make a beeline for the garment district and explore what kind of supplies are available for mixed metals . . .


I came home with an array of beads, metal findings, charms, lockets, keys, and wire ranging from bright silver, to a sunny gold, to dirty brass mixed with black.  I started with the antique inspired pieces


Then moved to some modern bright designs 

Some of my favorite pieces from the Mixed Metals collection are shown below. 


Hope you enjoyed seeing some behind the scenes and inpiration behind my pieces.  Don't forget to stop back to see what newest creations I have designed! New pieces come out often and are one of a kind so don't miss out of your favorite piece today!





Astoria Market September 20 2015

Come check out Uptown Lux at Astoria Market in NYC!

China: Through the Looking Glass, Day at The Met May 24 2015

So as I was wondering the city on my staycation in the city for this beautiful Memorial Day weekend . . . I thought why not make a stop at one of my favorite places in the city . . .The Met of course! A continuing source of inspiration for Uptown Lux, I never leave the museum without tons of photos to reference for inspiration for collections to come.  Last night's inspiration comes in the form of beautiful silks, patterns, and prints from many designers, houses, and artistans including Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, and Tom Ford.  Below are some of my favorites from the exhibit, not everything of course, come visit NYC to see the rest of the exhibit for yourself!

Join me as I take you on an adventure, China: Through the Looking Glass . . .  

 First walking into the exhibit I was immediately blown away by an evening gown by Tom Ford for YSL autumn/winter 2004-05 collection . . the bright yellow color made of satin fabric and dramatic red, white, and blue details with sequin embellishments was absolutely amazing, not to mention the contrasting color found within the train of the gown . . .


Next stop is Tom Ford yet again for YSL, this time a bit more classic with black satin and chiffon fabric, autumn/winter 2004-05 collection . . .This gown was my favorite from the exhibit last night, absolutely stunning! 

 Switching gears a bit, I entered what I referred to as the "Day" room . . .lace and lightweight fabrics combined with beautiful intricate veils and head pieces filled the room with gorgeous finds from talented designers including John Galliano for House of Dior . . . 

My favorite piece in this room, ironically, was a gorgeous long black silk evening gown complete with butterfly details down the back, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier autumn/winter 2001-2 . . . Imagine making a statement at your next event or gala in this showstopper!

Last but not least is my favorite day dress of the evening, designed by John Galliano, House of Dior autumn/winter 1998-99. This dress was made from a beautiful yellow silk damask fabric accompanied by luxurious navy, cranberry, gold, black, and white thread embroidery. What I would do to have that dress in my collection!


 Ending with my best fashion muse face lol hope you enjoyed my take on the beautiful exhibit at the Met which will be avaiable this summer in NYC through August 16th! Also, don't forget to check back out Uptown Lux end of summer to see what inspiring pieces I crafted from this experience! Xo 

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend! 


Coachella Inspiration . . . May 16 2015

After seeing all of the chic, airy, fun, free-sprited looks that came out of Coachella I was immediately inspired.


What better way to make a "now" statement for SS15 than to make some Coachella inspired pieces for Uptown Lux? So I hit the Garment District in NYC and came back with some fab finds for the next upcoming collection! The materials I came back with are made with beautiful colors, soft fabrics, flowers, brushed gold and silver metals, and inspirational words and phrases loved and cherished by those living every day feeling the LA cool vibe! 

Check out some more of what's in the works below! 

 Stay tuned for the finish product Summer 2015! Xo

 Peace, love, and Uptown Lux!! ;)

Uptown Lux Wearable Art March 03 2015

Attention Fashionistas! If you didn't get a chance to scope out our newest releases during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC, now is the time to check in . . . Uptown Lux recently released their first creations designed and crafted in NYC by Amanda Fetch, Owner of Uptown Lux.  

The first pieces to be released were a series of heart pendants shown below:

Made from Swarovski crystal elements along with rhinestones, vinyl, chains, and studs . . . a grand entrance was made just in time for Valentine's Day.


Inspired by beautiful colors, fabrics, and shiny lux materials a new trend of wearable art has been born!

Make a bold statement with our one of a kind Pink Passion Choker, shown below:



More pendants along with earrings coming soon . . . check back throughout the Spring 2015 season for more fabulous one of a kind Uptown Lux wearable art creations!




Love is in the Air. . . February 10 2015

With Valentine's Day right around the corner and love being in the air what better way to love yourself than to treat yourself to some new bling! Have you checked out our new Uptown Lux wearable art Swarovski crystal elements pieces? Loving our fabulous Cartoon Heart Pendant, Fantasy Heart Pendant, and Tough Love Pendant shown below:


Here are more of our fave Uptown Lux pink picks in honor of Valentine's Day. Our looks were inspired by pink prints, stones, chunky, and python, faux of course! Clockwise from left to right: Pink and Ivory Statement Earrings, Pink Python Clutch, Pink Houndstooth Scarf, Hot Pink Drop Necklace

Got Pinterest? Follow Uptown Lux and check out some of our fave Pretty in Pink looks we pinned below.  By the way, loving the fab pink do on the diva below! 


Looking for some fun Valentine's Day eats or crafts? Why not make a colorful Valentine's Day ribbon wreath? Check out the full tutorial we pinned on Pinterest. Have a sweet tooth, melt some chocolate down, cover some sugary sweet marshmallows below for a gooey treat, yum our mouth is watering just thinking about it! Check out some of the cutest and our fave Valentine's Day picks below.

For more info on any of our picks above check us out on Pinterest! Direct link can be found on our Homepage.

Well divas hope you had an inspiring time while hangin with us! Have a Happy Valentine's Day from our Uptown Lux family to you! Stay tuned for more Uptown Lux wearable art Swarovski crystal element pieces . . .Kisses! 

Resort 2015 January 24 2015

In preparation for Fall 2015 Fashion Week around the corner, I decided to take a trip down Memory Lane and into Saks Fifth Avenue to explore with some friends. Bundled up and and after my daily dose of Starbucks, the trip was exactly what I needed to get some "warmth" into my life and brighten my day.  Upon entering Saks I proceed to the 3rd floor and was greeted by beautiful bright intriguing colors, detailed accents, and garments that were just simply to die for as part of the fabulous Resort and Cruise 2015 collections gracing the floors.  Made me want to charter a yacht and head out to a private island somewhere . . .


Photo above from found on Pinterest

After snapping out of my daydream, with a smile on my face, my first stop was the Stella McCartney Resort 2015 collection. I was immediately wow'd by the beautiful colorful stones accenting many of the pieces in the collection.  Attention to detail was key! My favorite piece from the collection was the Kasey Dress shown below. Added in the collage are some of my favorite fun, brightly colored Uptown Lux pieces. 

Shown above clockwise from top left: Saks Fifth Avenue, Stella McCartney Resort 2015 Kasey Stone-Embroidered Dress; Uptown Lux various accessories


I then turned my attention, to Moschino. Being bubblegum pink is one of my favorite colors currently, I was hypnotized and like a magnet was drawn into the department. Girly, fun, and flirty are the best ways to describe the current collection represented at Saks.

Clockwise from top right: Saks Fifth Avenue, Moschino SS15 Collection;, Uptown Lux Pink Clutch, Uptown Lux Pink Drop Necklace; Saks Fifth Avenue, Moschino Pink Clutch from SS15 Runway Capsule Collection, Moschino belts


Going out with a bang, I decided to browse the always chic and timeless Chanel collection.  I absolutely adored the bright use of color and hardware in the 2015 Cruise Resort collection.  Below clockwise from top left is my favorite piece from the collection found at Saks, along with a closeup of the gorgeous detail and mint buttons used to accent the cardigan. Also shown below are gorgeous samples from our Uptown Lux scarf collection and Multicolor jewel necklace both found at

This was definitely a trip to remember! If you are a fan of brights like we are, I highly suggest a trip of your own to Saks to check out the fab collections! Also, stick around and shop our Uptown Lux collection for some fun bright accessories! Have fun! We promise you won't be disappointed ;)

Also, look out for our upcoming Uptown Lux one of a kind designed and crafted in NYC Swarovski crystal elements pieces we will be debuting this month. . . Stay tuned!


Happy Holidays! January 01 2015

Happy New Year from Uptown Lux! Thank you for your continued support of Uptown Lux during our first few months of business. Looking forward to an exciting 2015.  Hope everyone is having safe and happy holidays! Cheers!

Perfect Purple Hues! November 26 2014

Hot color this season! Loving Lavender, Violet, Orchid, and all shades of Purple!

Follow Uptown Lux on Pinterest to see more hot looks in shades of Purple pinned!


As seen on, many fab ways to incorporate orchid into your wardobe! Get the look with our Buckle Accent Messenger Bag at Uptown Lux!



Get more fabulous looks from Uptown Lux below!


 Liven up your accessory wardrobe today with some Uptown Lux pieces! Happy Shopping! 

Halloween Fab & Fun 2014 October 28 2014

Halloween is coming and Fall is upon us.  Time to get your costume ready and make a statement! 



Make your friends green with envy from all of the yummy recipes you have discovered. Follow Uptown Lux on Pinterest for all of the fun Halloween recipes and DIY crafts shown below. 



Take some time out to decorate your house or apartment with some cute DIY ideas.




And don't forget to add some fun accessories to your accessory collection that you can wear not only over Halloween, but year round for a rocker chic look! Shop our collection now to add one of the pieces below to your collection!



Hope we have inspired your Halloween desires and you have a screaming good Halloween this year divas! 



Boho Chic . . . the Lux way to Fall transition September 21 2014

So the weather is getting colder . . . a chill is in the air. Leaves are beginning to turn colors.  Bright orange, red, and yellow; such beautiful colors, can be seen all around us.  


Hot chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes are steaming from everyone's To Go cups.  Bundling up will soon be the way to go.  


These are some of the things that have inspired the Uptown Lux Fall transition collection, Boho Chic.  Along with the changing of the seasons, the California cool, laid back look, deep colorful jewel tone hues, floral, and brushed gold were pieces that put together our inspirational puzzle.


Here is a sneak peek from our new Boho Chic collection!


Below are some of our favorite looks pulled right from Pinterest that we have pinned that inspired the collection.


The first screenshot emphasizes beautiful bold color. Images and links below can be found on Pinterest within our Beautiful Colorful Fashion folder on our Uptown Lux Pinterest account.


Florals print also played a big part in our inspiration for Boho Chic.  Big again this Fall, floral print is a trend to not miss out on!  Images and links below can be found on Pinterest within our Fun Florals and Fashion folder on our Uptown Lux Pinterest account.




Loving the California cool, chic look for Fall. Images below can be found on Pinterest within our Fall Fashion 14 folder on our Uptown Lux Pinterest account.



Hope that we have left you with some images that have inspired your own fashion choices for Fall! Take a look around our collection and see what pieces you can add to accent your own Fall transition pieces!









Gaga for Gold August 24 2014

The air is becoming crisp and the days of August are slipping away.  Before we know it Fall will be here.  Equipped with a summer glow and bronzed skin what better way than to keep the summer alive by adding a golden touch to your ensemble?


While walking through The Met the other day browsing through an array of vases, tools, and other bronzed ancient home decor, I stumbled on something modern yet golden. What hit me like a ton of bricks, or in this case a pair of fancy golden brass knuckles was the seashells combined with the leaves mixing both Summer and Fall seasons.  What a perfect way to transition I thought! Gold! Ps. . . I come in peace . . notice the peace signs and flags ;)



With that in mind I hit my closet looking for a perfect piece to bring out of the archives and I found the fun sequin jacket below of which I paired with a piece from our Summer 14 Collection, the Ivory Jewel Pendant Necklace (seen below). What better way than to spice up your Fall wardrobe with some sparkle and a piece from our collection?



Looking at our Summer collection combined with our transition into Fall collection I pulled out some fun pieces for any fashionista to add to her collection.  Whether you like to make a bold statement, or add just a touch of sparkle we have a piece for you!


Shown above from top left: Clear Jewel Chunk Necklace, Gold Iridescent Necklace Set, Gold Chain Triangle Necklace


Trend alert! Add some gold studs, spikes, or gemstones to your outfit paired with denim is sure to be a hit this season! (Clothing and accessories in photograph are from our own personal collection)


Have fun with gold this Fall season . . .we know we will! Shop our collection and see how gaga you become over gold! Happy Shopping!




Splash of Color August 05 2014

It's almost that time again! Time to say "Goodbye" to Summer and "Hello" to Fall. Time for transition, watching the leaves turn colors, and the temperature drop. . .but hold up fashionistas! 


Before you eliminate Cold Stone from your life for what seems like forever . . . 


Turn that frown upside and take heed! Look closer. What do you see? Besides calories that will cling straight to our thighs? 


Color! Beautiful bold color! What looks better on sun bronzed skin than a pop of color?


Color never goes out of style!  Ask anyone who has recently made a visit to the Charles James exhibit at the Met and were graced with not only design creativity, style, and grace, but beautiful bold hues of color!


We can effortlessly make our way through decades of style and see that not much has changed.



Do not be afraid to take color above and beyond your comfort zone. Command a room with your fashion ensemble as well as the perfect accessories! 


Let's take a closer look . . .

Green and turquoise paired with a fuchsia patterned wrap dress.

Shown above: Half Sun Green with Turquoise Accent Necklace, Green and Turquoise Statement Necklace (Set, comes with matching drop earrings) Wrap dress our own



Partner a bright polka dot print with a bold solid hue necklace in your choice of color. Staying with a solid necklace in this case is key to looking polished.

Seen above: Hot Pink Drop Necklace, dress our own



Do not be afraid to layer necklaces of different materials and hues. The key to achieving the look below is to add a pop of color, in this case a belt, and use that to compliment the look in a necklace as well. Layer with a second piece that matches the hues found in your outfit. 

Shown above: Peach and Pink Statement Necklace, complimentary necklace, belt, and dress our own



Other fun pieces shown below: Statement Flower Jewel Necklace, Multicolor Flower Jewel Pendant



A little shy to take the bold color or pattern plunge? How about adding a fun handbag in a bright hue or fun pattern?


Top left clockwise to bottom: Ivory Studded Tote (comes with Removable Ivory Handbag with flower patterned lining), Quilted Clutch (mint), White Rhinestone Messenger Bag, Floral Tote, Buckle Accent Messenger Bag (lilac)


Don't be afraid to take a risk! Loving animal print adding a pop of color!



Shown above: Black and Ivory Statement Necklace, outfit our own


The key to being successful in your own fashion ensemble is to have fun! Color always brightens any day! So the next time you find yourself dressing for work in your "New York Black" head to toe uniform take a step back and add a splash of color! 

Check out our collection and add some color to your life! You won't be disappointed! Happy shopping! ;)

Bejeweled July 20 2014

What fashionista doesn't love a little sparkle?  I know we do! Sparkle, bling, and all things that shine are just a few of the inspirations for our newest collection.



Turn heads with resin and rhinestone combination pieces this season. Don't be afraid to add satin for a feminine touch and lighten the mood.

Pictured below clockwise from top: Turquoise Fantasy Statement Necklace, Turquoise Fantasy Statement Earrings, Ivory Jewel Pendant Necklace, Ivory Tassel Jewel Bracelet


Spice things up a bit with coral or pink tones mixed with gray, black, or ivory.


Pictured below from top to bottom: Pink and Ivory Statement Earrings, Pink and Gray Statement Necklace, Ivory Tassel Rhinestone Woven Bracelet


Become the life of the party with a trendy chunky look!

Shown below:

Clear Jewel Chunk Necklace, Gold Chain Triangle Necklace


For a more subtle look add just a touch of sparkle to a classic piece or any ensemble.


Shown below: White Iridescent Ball Necklace, Pear Rhinestone Earrings


We hope we have inspired you to brighten up your day with a little sparkle!  Now go out there and conquer the world with confidence and a touch of bling! Happy shopping!

Bluer than the Deepest Sea July 01 2014

It's that time again! Time to pack up the car and hit some waves. Sitting on the beach there's tons of inspiration. Gazing into the clear blue sky which casts a gorgeous hue on the turquoise waters of an island escape is the inspiration for today.  



Photo credit: Instagram @acaseofnorton


The pieces below vary in hues from clear to yellow, green, turquoise, and cobalt blue with gold accents. 

Shown below from top left: Turquoise Starfish Necklace (Set, earrings not shown below), Green and Turquoise Statement Necklace (Set, earrings not shown below), Cobalt Blue and Turquoise Statement Earrings, Half Sun Green with Turquoise Accent Necklace, and Turquoise Drop Earrings


If you are a more classic lady perhaps our inspiration can take you to a nice bangle to add to your accessory collection?

 Shown from left to right: Gold Sand Dollar Cuff Bracelet, Anchor Cuff, and Gold Sand Dollar Bracelet



While deep diving into the cool ocean water we can become inspired by sea life as well shown through our seahorse and starfish themed pieces found in our collection.

Shown below clockwise from top left: Anchor Accent Bracelet, Brown with Gold Shell Accent Bracelet, Turquoise Under the Sea Charm Bracelet, and Dreaming of the Sea Charm Bracelet


Now that we've gotten a case of the blues, we recommend you sticking around and shopping our collection! After all, shopping is always a cure for the blues . . . turquoise and cobalt that is!

Accessorize, Accessorize June 22 2014

Ever heard the saying, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend?" Well accessories are a fashionista's best friend.  Accessories help you take any basic ensemble to the next level!

 Let's have some fun! Go to your closet . . . C'mon! Get up and go to your closet! . . . I'll wait.  Now pull out your favorite pair of black pants.  

Now grab a tank, any color that compliments you!



Ready? Great, now let's add some fun accessories from the Uptown Lux collection and see how we can transform you! We chose a blue tank in honor of being inspired by the sea, and added our Black and White Aztec Print Cardigan, Black Fringe Gold Studded Clutch, Geometric Jewel Crescent Necklace, and Black Square Jewel Earrings




Have you checked out our bracelet and ring collections yet? We added our Black Jewel Knuckle Ring and Petal Jewel Cuff for the perfect finishing touches!



Our style lesson for today is never underestimate the power of basics in your wardrobe and adding the perfect finishing touches!

To add any of the pieces shown here today shop our collection now! (Tank and black pants are our own) Let us inspire you!

Are you Beach Ready? June 16 2014

Becoming beach ready includes more than just being in shape.  Now that you have the perfect bikini, sun, water, and sand, do you have the perfect accessories to get you noticed among the waves and beautiful turquoise water?


 Photo Credit: Instagram @jacquiemeowmeow 


How about starting with the perfect beach tote? Everyone needs a fab beach tote as a carryall for all of their beach necessities. Try our Turquoise and White Stripe Beach Tote (Shown below) made of lightweight canvas, complete with zipper closure. How many times have you gotten ready for some fun in the sun, grabbed your tote, tossed it in the backseat, put the sunroof down cruising only to have your tote spill all over the floor? I know I have! 



Make a statement with a fun necklace. Try our Turquoise Starfish Necklace set (Shown left) or our Square Pendant Necklace (Shown right) to make an impact this summer.  Rather make a statement after hours while having a cocktail poolside with the ladies? Get noticed with our Cobalt Blue and Turquoise Statement Earrings (Shown top middle). You're now ready for the water baby!




Are you a diva who likes minimal accessories but would like just a touch of bling to add spice to your beach accessory wardrobe?



Photo credit: Instagram @jacquiemeowmeow 




Start out by sporting our Turquoise Under the Sea Charm Bracelet (Shown below)! 



There are many more where that beauty came from.  Become inspired to hit the surf with one of our bracelets below to make a subtle but stylish impact under the sun in the sand.  All pieces shown below available in our bracelet collection. (Top to bottom from left to right, Anchor Accent Bracelet, Dreaming of the Sea Charm Bracelet, Gold Sand Dollar Bracelet, Anchor Cuff, Brown with Gold Shell Accent Bracelet, Gold Sand Dollar Cuff Bracelet)




Have fun shopping! And don't forget the sunscreen!


Photo credit: Instagram @jacquiemeowmeow 

California Dreamin' June 08 2014

From New York to Los Angeles, coast to coast, fashion becomes a whole different art form.  From the shaped and tailored fashion trends in NYC evolves a casual chic in LA.  Walking along the beach we can see fashion in it's simplest yet trendy form.  Wearing our Black and White Print Aztec Cardigan, this fashionista is fashionable in a most effortless way.


Photo credit: Instagram @acaseofnorton


Los Angeles is where we traveled for the bulk of our Spring 2014 collection.  Inspired by a casual yet trendy chic we decided on colorful, chunky, and lightweight flowing pieces. 


Let the casual, carefree, Californian lifestyle inspire you as it has inspired us this season. . .

Photo credit: Instagram @acaseofnorton