Happy New Year 2016! Uptown Lux Jewel Style January 03 2016

So fashionistas have you heard? You know, about the latest Uptown Lux collection? What collection you ask? Lux Jewels of course! 


Lux Jewels is our newest collection to roll out Winter 2015/Spring 2016 featuring some fab new wearable art designed and created by Amanda Fetch.  The collection continues with the theme of mixed metals, color chains mixed with jewels, along with cool unique metallic and soft thread fabrics.



Take a sneak peak at some of the pieces we have been experimenting with . . . 


Glad you stopped by to see some of our pieces that will be coming soon! Wishing you a Happy and prosperous New Year in 2016! And remember to stay tuned for our Lux Jewels collection ;)