Accessorize, Accessorize June 22 2014

Ever heard the saying, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend?" Well accessories are a fashionista's best friend.  Accessories help you take any basic ensemble to the next level!

 Let's have some fun! Go to your closet . . . C'mon! Get up and go to your closet! . . . I'll wait.  Now pull out your favorite pair of black pants.  

Now grab a tank, any color that compliments you!



Ready? Great, now let's add some fun accessories from the Uptown Lux collection and see how we can transform you! We chose a blue tank in honor of being inspired by the sea, and added our Black and White Aztec Print Cardigan, Black Fringe Gold Studded Clutch, Geometric Jewel Crescent Necklace, and Black Square Jewel Earrings




Have you checked out our bracelet and ring collections yet? We added our Black Jewel Knuckle Ring and Petal Jewel Cuff for the perfect finishing touches!



Our style lesson for today is never underestimate the power of basics in your wardrobe and adding the perfect finishing touches!

To add any of the pieces shown here today shop our collection now! (Tank and black pants are our own) Let us inspire you!