Gaga for Gold August 24 2014

The air is becoming crisp and the days of August are slipping away.  Before we know it Fall will be here.  Equipped with a summer glow and bronzed skin what better way than to keep the summer alive by adding a golden touch to your ensemble?


While walking through The Met the other day browsing through an array of vases, tools, and other bronzed ancient home decor, I stumbled on something modern yet golden. What hit me like a ton of bricks, or in this case a pair of fancy golden brass knuckles was the seashells combined with the leaves mixing both Summer and Fall seasons.  What a perfect way to transition I thought! Gold! Ps. . . I come in peace . . notice the peace signs and flags ;)



With that in mind I hit my closet looking for a perfect piece to bring out of the archives and I found the fun sequin jacket below of which I paired with a piece from our Summer 14 Collection, the Ivory Jewel Pendant Necklace (seen below). What better way than to spice up your Fall wardrobe with some sparkle and a piece from our collection?



Looking at our Summer collection combined with our transition into Fall collection I pulled out some fun pieces for any fashionista to add to her collection.  Whether you like to make a bold statement, or add just a touch of sparkle we have a piece for you!


Shown above from top left: Clear Jewel Chunk Necklace, Gold Iridescent Necklace Set, Gold Chain Triangle Necklace


Trend alert! Add some gold studs, spikes, or gemstones to your outfit paired with denim is sure to be a hit this season! (Clothing and accessories in photograph are from our own personal collection)


Have fun with gold this Fall season . . .we know we will! Shop our collection and see how gaga you become over gold! Happy Shopping!