Resort 2015 January 24 2015

In preparation for Fall 2015 Fashion Week around the corner, I decided to take a trip down Memory Lane and into Saks Fifth Avenue to explore with some friends. Bundled up and and after my daily dose of Starbucks, the trip was exactly what I needed to get some "warmth" into my life and brighten my day.  Upon entering Saks I proceed to the 3rd floor and was greeted by beautiful bright intriguing colors, detailed accents, and garments that were just simply to die for as part of the fabulous Resort and Cruise 2015 collections gracing the floors.  Made me want to charter a yacht and head out to a private island somewhere . . .


Photo above from found on Pinterest

After snapping out of my daydream, with a smile on my face, my first stop was the Stella McCartney Resort 2015 collection. I was immediately wow'd by the beautiful colorful stones accenting many of the pieces in the collection.  Attention to detail was key! My favorite piece from the collection was the Kasey Dress shown below. Added in the collage are some of my favorite fun, brightly colored Uptown Lux pieces. 

Shown above clockwise from top left: Saks Fifth Avenue, Stella McCartney Resort 2015 Kasey Stone-Embroidered Dress; Uptown Lux various accessories


I then turned my attention, to Moschino. Being bubblegum pink is one of my favorite colors currently, I was hypnotized and like a magnet was drawn into the department. Girly, fun, and flirty are the best ways to describe the current collection represented at Saks.

Clockwise from top right: Saks Fifth Avenue, Moschino SS15 Collection;, Uptown Lux Pink Clutch, Uptown Lux Pink Drop Necklace; Saks Fifth Avenue, Moschino Pink Clutch from SS15 Runway Capsule Collection, Moschino belts


Going out with a bang, I decided to browse the always chic and timeless Chanel collection.  I absolutely adored the bright use of color and hardware in the 2015 Cruise Resort collection.  Below clockwise from top left is my favorite piece from the collection found at Saks, along with a closeup of the gorgeous detail and mint buttons used to accent the cardigan. Also shown below are gorgeous samples from our Uptown Lux scarf collection and Multicolor jewel necklace both found at

This was definitely a trip to remember! If you are a fan of brights like we are, I highly suggest a trip of your own to Saks to check out the fab collections! Also, stick around and shop our Uptown Lux collection for some fun bright accessories! Have fun! We promise you won't be disappointed ;)

Also, look out for our upcoming Uptown Lux one of a kind designed and crafted in NYC Swarovski crystal elements pieces we will be debuting this month. . . Stay tuned!