Splash of Color August 05 2014

It's almost that time again! Time to say "Goodbye" to Summer and "Hello" to Fall. Time for transition, watching the leaves turn colors, and the temperature drop. . .but hold up fashionistas! 


Before you eliminate Cold Stone from your life for what seems like forever . . . 


Turn that frown upside and take heed! Look closer. What do you see? Besides calories that will cling straight to our thighs? 


Color! Beautiful bold color! What looks better on sun bronzed skin than a pop of color?


Color never goes out of style!  Ask anyone who has recently made a visit to the Charles James exhibit at the Met and were graced with not only design creativity, style, and grace, but beautiful bold hues of color!


We can effortlessly make our way through decades of style and see that not much has changed.



Do not be afraid to take color above and beyond your comfort zone. Command a room with your fashion ensemble as well as the perfect accessories! 


Let's take a closer look . . .

Green and turquoise paired with a fuchsia patterned wrap dress.

Shown above: Half Sun Green with Turquoise Accent Necklace, Green and Turquoise Statement Necklace (Set, comes with matching drop earrings) Wrap dress our own



Partner a bright polka dot print with a bold solid hue necklace in your choice of color. Staying with a solid necklace in this case is key to looking polished.

Seen above: Hot Pink Drop Necklace, dress our own



Do not be afraid to layer necklaces of different materials and hues. The key to achieving the look below is to add a pop of color, in this case a belt, and use that to compliment the look in a necklace as well. Layer with a second piece that matches the hues found in your outfit. 

Shown above: Peach and Pink Statement Necklace, complimentary necklace, belt, and dress our own



Other fun pieces shown below: Statement Flower Jewel Necklace, Multicolor Flower Jewel Pendant



A little shy to take the bold color or pattern plunge? How about adding a fun handbag in a bright hue or fun pattern?


Top left clockwise to bottom: Ivory Studded Tote (comes with Removable Ivory Handbag with flower patterned lining), Quilted Clutch (mint), White Rhinestone Messenger Bag, Floral Tote, Buckle Accent Messenger Bag (lilac)


Don't be afraid to take a risk! Loving animal print adding a pop of color!



Shown above: Black and Ivory Statement Necklace, outfit our own


The key to being successful in your own fashion ensemble is to have fun! Color always brightens any day! So the next time you find yourself dressing for work in your "New York Black" head to toe uniform take a step back and add a splash of color! 

Check out our collection and add some color to your life! You won't be disappointed! Happy shopping! ;)