Winter 2017/2018 Preview November 14 2017

Hello Fashionistas! Hope you are staying warm out there if you are in the NYC area! If you are in LA sooo jelly! Just left there last week and came back with plenty of new inspiration.



Along with a new do done by my lil sister @jacquiefetchhair on IG!!!


Wanted to share some of my ideas for my Fall 2017/2018 new pieces to come! Have been dabbling into some new material.  As you already know I LOOOOOVE art and love bright colors along with mixing fabrics and textures throughout my hand crafted pieces.  


Came across some very cool textured fabrics in some of the hidden treasure fabric stores in the Garment District in NYC. Also found some fab colored and textured beads!



I have been seeing quartz EVERYWHERE!!! Rocks, rocks, and more rocks, the "druzier" lolol the better.



Started out by making the Moondust choker that's currently up now on the site!



I don't want to give away all of what's in store for the upcoming Winter season . . .BUT I will give a sneak peek on another accessory idea I've been dabbling with . . .





Found a really cool pair at a local shop and added some black and white accents! Stay warm this winter season and stay tuned for more one of a kind pieces to come!!! 

Xo Amanda