Bluer than the Deepest Sea July 01 2014

It's that time again! Time to pack up the car and hit some waves. Sitting on the beach there's tons of inspiration. Gazing into the clear blue sky which casts a gorgeous hue on the turquoise waters of an island escape is the inspiration for today.  



Photo credit: Instagram @acaseofnorton


The pieces below vary in hues from clear to yellow, green, turquoise, and cobalt blue with gold accents. 

Shown below from top left: Turquoise Starfish Necklace (Set, earrings not shown below), Green and Turquoise Statement Necklace (Set, earrings not shown below), Cobalt Blue and Turquoise Statement Earrings, Half Sun Green with Turquoise Accent Necklace, and Turquoise Drop Earrings


If you are a more classic lady perhaps our inspiration can take you to a nice bangle to add to your accessory collection?

 Shown from left to right: Gold Sand Dollar Cuff Bracelet, Anchor Cuff, and Gold Sand Dollar Bracelet



While deep diving into the cool ocean water we can become inspired by sea life as well shown through our seahorse and starfish themed pieces found in our collection.

Shown below clockwise from top left: Anchor Accent Bracelet, Brown with Gold Shell Accent Bracelet, Turquoise Under the Sea Charm Bracelet, and Dreaming of the Sea Charm Bracelet


Now that we've gotten a case of the blues, we recommend you sticking around and shopping our collection! After all, shopping is always a cure for the blues . . . turquoise and cobalt that is!