Aztec. .More than Just a Print May 31 2014

When you think of Aztec and fashion what do you think of? Your first instinct may be a print, but I'm here to let you know Aztec is more than a print.  Check out Uptown Lux's current take on the Aztec trend. We have incorporated print yes, but also a fabulous triangle cutout necklace shown below.  And this is just the beginning. Check back to see how we update our line to incorporate more of this trend into our collection.  Also, read below to see how we have been inspired to incorporate Aztec into our collection.



I love art . . . and fashion is just that, an art.  Fashion and beauty lie in the eye of the beholder. As one to appreciate art I love exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  As I'm exploring I take in my surroundings and let them inspire me to choose how I can incorporate such art into my wardrobe. On a trip to the Met I snapped a few photos and collaged them below of some tribal and ancient art. The blue is just beautiful, and the prints amazing.



Exploring the city further I  browsed a few street fairs.  Upon browsing I took in all the bright colors. I absolutely love bright colors for Spring, Summer, and Fall transition. Browsing a street fair in New York City, or in any town for that matter, is the perfect way to become fashionably inspired. 



On that particular trip, I purchased a handmade bag from a vendor. I fell in love with the bright colors and the Kokopelli print which adorns the bag.



I knew that I needed to incorporate more tribal and Aztec print and inspiration into my wardrobe.  I had a meeting to go to so I decided to be daring and wear a strapless black and white jumpsuit, with an ivory crop jacket, black cutout lace low top shoes, accompanied by a snake choker necklace, and triangle drop earrings (All pieces my own). Not exactly Aztec but the inspiration of incorporating shapes and contrasting color was there.



After getting numerous compliments on my ensemble I decided to continue my quest for tribal and Aztec inspired pieces in my exploration of the city. My travels and my Starbucks Caramel Macchiato just happened to lead me down Fifth Avenue from the Met to Saks Fifth Avenue.  At Saks I just happened to stumble upon some amazing shoes done by Christian Louboutin.  



I must say those shoes are some fabulous inspiration!  Take some time to shop around our site. See what inspires you!