Bejeweled July 20 2014

What fashionista doesn't love a little sparkle?  I know we do! Sparkle, bling, and all things that shine are just a few of the inspirations for our newest collection.



Turn heads with resin and rhinestone combination pieces this season. Don't be afraid to add satin for a feminine touch and lighten the mood.

Pictured below clockwise from top: Turquoise Fantasy Statement Necklace, Turquoise Fantasy Statement Earrings, Ivory Jewel Pendant Necklace, Ivory Tassel Jewel Bracelet


Spice things up a bit with coral or pink tones mixed with gray, black, or ivory.


Pictured below from top to bottom: Pink and Ivory Statement Earrings, Pink and Gray Statement Necklace, Ivory Tassel Rhinestone Woven Bracelet


Become the life of the party with a trendy chunky look!

Shown below:

Clear Jewel Chunk Necklace, Gold Chain Triangle Necklace


For a more subtle look add just a touch of sparkle to a classic piece or any ensemble.


Shown below: White Iridescent Ball Necklace, Pear Rhinestone Earrings


We hope we have inspired you to brighten up your day with a little sparkle!  Now go out there and conquer the world with confidence and a touch of bling! Happy shopping!